What I can do for you

Being the interpreter of several managers during their business trips, I have realized out how critical it is to be able to convey a clear and powerful message to the person sitting in front of us, who, more often than not, is a potential client. As a non-native speaker of English, I perfectly understand how hard it can be to articulate a sentence in a foreign language.

Today, we often underestimate the power of a speech delivered efficiently. In fact, poor communication skills have several adverse effects, which can lead to confusion and, most importantly, lost business.

Why miss the chance to close a deal?

Why risk being misunderstood?

My passion for foreign languages, combined with my commitment to deliver efficient and clear communication led me to fund Traduzioni Benazzi, which works with executives and managers who need to communicate successfully in international business situations, either with the help of a professional interpreter or in first person.

Besides offering accurate translation and interpreting services, Traduzioni Benazzi provides communication courses for business owners, executives and managers who want to become powerful deal closers internationally.

If you want to improve your language and communication skills fast and feel confident whenever you are in business situations or you need to negotiate, Traduzioni Benazzi is the right place.

My exclusive courses and seminars focus on the client’s needs and cover specific areas of interest like vocabulary consolidation, pronunciation, real-life simulations, negotiation strategies, and much more, so that:

  • You will be able to confidently conduct business with international partners;
  • You will no longer feel frustrated when having a business conversation in English;
  • You will effectively communicate in professional international English;
  • You will know the exact words and expressions to use and how to react to unexpected business situations.

Do you need to deliver a speech or presentation in English and you are short on time?

With my one day-workshop:

  • You will discover how to structure an effective speech and give a confident introduction;
  • You will find out about the DO’S and DON’T’S of a powerful presentation;
  • You will learn how to avoid long sentences and use simple words so that your audience can focus on what you have to offer them;
  • You will master the right techniques to keep your audience’s attention alive;


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