Success stories

Sean GodsellI met Silvia in Mantova Italy in 2013. I was there to deliver the Mantova UNESCO open lecture and Silvia was my interpreter.

Architecture is a language all of its own and working with Silvia I was able to explain complex concepts using technical terminology to an educated audience. I was very satisfied with the feedback that I received after my lecture – clearly the audience had understood the key points of my talk. I would be happy to recommend Silvia to any professional person who requires the services of an English/Italian interpreter who is capable of translating complex and technical concepts. Of equal importance is Silvia’s relaxed and calm manner – she made the potentially stressful experience of communicating via a translator a real pleasure.

Sean Godsell

Sean Godsell Architects

In 2007, IES, the company I was working for in the Communication Department, had just been taken over by an important Hungarian corporation, called MOL. The official language used by the Group was English. Therefore, together with other managers having a pre-intermediate level of English, I turned to Silvia for some English courses.

Thanks to her great professionalism, sensitivity, and engagement, Silvia managed to improve our knowledge of English, both oral and written, and, most importantly, we now feel much more confident when we have to deliver a speech in English in front of an audience. This was probably the greatest obstacle to overcome.

Moreover, Silvia was so appreciated that she became the Italian teacher of MOL’s top managers and their official interpreter during press conferences, interviews and events.

My personal level of satisfaction was excellent. I can certainly say that my colleagues feel the same way.
I highly recommend Silvia’s services to all the managers who need to become confident when speaking English and to companies looking for a qualified and reliable interpreter.

Tiziana Giusto

Head of Communication and Sustainable Development


Moreno BregolaI decided to work with Silvia because I had had some very positive feedback from her colleagues. The results I got were extremely good. Then, Silvia was chosen by our French supplier, Maguin, to work as his interpreter during the installation of a new ceramic filter at our plant.

The collaboration with Silvia allowed us to achieve excellent coordination and communication results, even though the supplier was French.

The level of satisfaction was so high that, after this experience, Silvia was called back for other technical interpreting services, both in English and French, I recommend Silvia to companies and managers in search of a highly professional interpreter.

Moreno Bregola

Maintenance Manager


Paolo ZaniboniI was told about Traduzioni Benazzi as an excellent support specialized in business English.Thanks to Silvia’s help, after having outlined the specific aspects of my business and focused on all the technical details, I was able to go on an important business trip to Japan, after which I developed an excellent relationship with a distributor.

I was totally satisfied with Silvia’s lessons and I learned not to underestimate how important it is to be well prepared, even if we consider our level of English quite good. Being confident when talking in a foreign language and using the right terminology can definitively change the outcome of a business meeting.

I highly recommend Silvia to business owners who work with international clients, even if they think they are sufficiently prepared. There is no limit to improving a foreign language. Silvia is a qualified and reliable professional.

Paolo Zaniboni

CEO and owner of Castelmerlino Snc

I decided to collaborate with Silvia to carry out some English and French courses at a company in the province of Mantua. Silvia immediately made an extremely good impression on me, her preparation and qualifications were in line with the requirements of my language school.

I am absolutely satisfied with Silvia’s services. She is highly professional and reliable.

Gabriella Bonzanini

CEO of Languages at Work

Olivier BaudrySilvia was my French/Italian interpreter for almost five months at Verralia, a big company near Verona. Being Maguin’s Building Site Manager, l needed an interpreter who could help me during coordination meetings and who could translate with precision my orders to subcontractors.

The results I achieved were excellent from a technical and professional point of view. It was a pleasure to work with Silvia and I highly recommend her services to all companies looking for a reliable partner.

Olivier Baudry

Maguin’s Building Site Manager

We have been collaborating with Silvia since 2012, mainly in the field of chemical and pharmaceutical patent translations from English into Italian, as well as from French into Italian. Silvia passed all our tests and audits and provides high-quality patent translations for a competitive price. We are very happy to recommend Silvia as a highly professional patent translator.

Maria Tragner

Project Manager at Murgitroyd

Bruno GazzettaAs the co-owner of the translation agency Words in Progress snc, I decided to collaborate with Silvia because in the field of technical/patent translation, she has shown great competence combined with rapidity of execution and the respect of deadlines.

During our collaboration, Words in Progress was able to accept large translation projects, while keeping high quality standards.

I am very happy with Silvia’s translations, also because I have had some very positive feedback also from other freelance translators who have worked on high volume translations with Silvia.

I highly recommend Silvia to all translation agencies which need a reliable and professional partner, who puts quality first.

Bruno Gazzetta

Co-owner of Words in Progress snc

Dorella VeronaI decided to work with Silvia because I needed to use English both in written and oral forms. Thanks to her teachings, I achieved excellent results and was able to participate in conversations with native speakers.

My personal level of satisfaction was very high, both in terms of course contents and results achieved.

I recommend Silvia to business owners who need to improve their English and want results.

Dorella Verona

Owner of Data System Italia

Rebecca SklootI met Silvia in 2012 during the Festivaletteratura in Mantua. I was there to promote my book “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” and Silvia was my official interpreter during press interviews and events. I am very happy I met and worked with such a highly professional translator. She was able to work under pressure while keeping the quality of her interpretation very high.

Rebecca Skloot

American writer and journalist

Federico BucciI met Silvia Benazzi during the UNESCO open lecture delivered by Australian architect Sean Godsell at Tempio di San Sebastiano, Mantua. Silvia was the simultaneous interpreter for this event and after the end of the conference, she was so kind to translate some questions from the audience.

My level of satisfaction was very high. I could notice a great preparation and the perfect knowledge of technical words, both in Italian and English.

I recommend Silvia to those who want a conference or lecture in a foreign language to be clear and effective.

Prof. Federico Bucci

Vice Rector for Mantova Campus

Politecnico di Milano

Matteo ButturiTwo years ago, I felt the need to learn English on a more regular basis and with the right method. My future English teacher had to be flexible because I am often away on business trips. When I met Silvia, I immediately understood that my needs could be met and therefore, we began to collaborate.

I am very happy with Silvia’s method. She’s highly professional and I could improve my English right from the start.

I am sure I will need Silvia’s help even in the near future, to further improve my knowledge and fluency in English.

Choose Silvia: the results are guaranteed!

Matteo Butturi

Unions & Labour Relations Manager

Coca-Cola HBC Italia S.r.l.